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Jewelry Making


Helen Mok

Helen Mok is a bespoke jewellery designer based in Sydney, Australia. Having graduated with Honours Class 1 at the Sydney College of the Arts, she won the emerging artist award at the JMGA Profile Award Exhibition 2010, was selected for the Contemporary Wearable 2012 biennial tour exhibition and highly recommended in the Qantas Spirit of Youth 2012 Craft & Objects Category.


She also won RAW Accessories Designer of the Year award, was highly recommended in the International Opal Jewellery Design Awards and has been featured in numerous international exhibitions.


Helen Mok’s love of bespoke jewellery stems from her belief that a single well hand-crafted piece of jewellery can capture and reflect the inner most feelings and sentiments of one person’s gesture to one another. Each piece can capture a moment, timeless and eternal, evoking memories, imagery, thoughts and feelings.

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